Tablet Prices in UAE 2019

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Things to consider when choosing a tablet

Choosing a tablet is choosing a screen size, an operating system and a brand, all of course according to a budget. Here are few things to consider when choosing your own.

The screen size

The screen size is the first criteria to take into account, if you intend to bring your tablet anywhere with you, it's better to choose a small 7 or 8 inches tablet which is less heavy and easy to carry, but it will be to the detriment of the visual comfort offered by larger models whose screen can reach 10, 11 or even 12 inches.

You should also pay attention to screen quality, a good resolution screen will allow you to have better visual comfort. So, try to avoid low resolution screens which are blurry and annoying to use.

The operating system

The second criteras to consider is the operating system, which determines ecosystem services and especially the online application store, several basic applications are installed by default.

What changes between operating systems among other things is the graphical interface. Apple iPad runs on iOS while other manufacturers run mostly on Android from Google or Windows 8 from Microsoft. Windows 8 application store, however, remains less rich than Android or iOS.

Storage capacity

Depending on your usage, you will need to choose more or less storage capacity. The more capacity you have, the more applications, videos, movies and documents you can store.

When choosing your tablet, check whether a micro SD card port exists, this will allows you to extend the internal storage capacity which is always lower than announced since the system and default installed applications are using a good part of it.

Appropriate connectivity

Tablets of course are all equipped with Wi-Fi in order to connect to the Internet but some models can also host a SIM card to connect via mobile network operators when no Wi-Fi networks are available.